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Welcome to Cadence

Cadence Child & Adolescent Therapy was founded to effectively treat high risk youth and high acuity problems in an outpatient setting. We developed one of the first and largest comprehensive DBT programs in the country, in the heart of where DBT was developed at the University of Washington.

We have expanded our program to meet the growing need across children and adults, across those battling anxiety, eating disorders, suicidality and more, across newcomers to therapy and those that have tried every therapy out there.

"I've tried other programs, but nothing has worked."

"I’m told I have to ship my kid out of state for them to get better, but that terrifies me."

"I want the best possible care for my child, but I don't know where to start."

We know the mental health landscape is challenging to navigate. There is no standardization, no quality control, no accountability. We’re here to change that.

We assembled a team of highly trained therapists under a clinical director who is recognized as a national leader in CBT and DBT training and treatment

We committed to behavioral therapies that have real evidence behind them and ensure accountability by tracking and sharing outcomes

We underwent a rigorous process of clinical review to ensure adherence to the highest clinical standards: we are 1 of ~20 programs in the country to earn the DBT Linehan Board of Certification.

We continue to invest in the weekly training and development of our team to maximize clinical oversight and efficacy

We are here to create lasting change. This means ...
1) Our model of treatment allows you to continue living your life while getting the help you need

2) We provide individual therapy as well as group classes to learn and practice skills you can apply to short-term crises and long-term behavior patterns.

3) We treat families as part of the solution. We invite parents to learn skills alongside their kids and heal together.

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Welcome to Cadence

Why Choose Cadence?

Clinical Reputation

We provide one of the largest comprehensive DBT programs in the country, in the heart of where DBT was developed at the University of Washington.

We are 1 of 2 clinics in Washington to earn the DBT-Linehan Board Certification after rigorous clinical review.

Client Testimonials

In a survey of 100 clients in our intensive DBT program, 100% of parents reported they would recommend Cadence skills groups to other families.

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Our Team

We are not a collection of independent clinicians. We are a fully integrated team, meaning each client is supported by the full weight of our team to maximize oversight and efficacy.

Our Clinical Director, Dan Finnegan, trained directly under the founder of DBT, Dr. Marsha Linehan. He is recognized as a national leader in CBT and DBT training and treatment.

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