August 26, 2021

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

We believe in providing the best evidence-based treatment to clients and families. This entails a commitment to continued learning and staying in step with the evidence, the sharing of knowledge and struggles as a team in order to learn, and working collaboratively to create a validating & reinforcement rich learning environment. We hope that Fellows not only benefit from their training experience, but also feel welcomed into a supportive team and community.

Our program will help Fellows develop mastery in DBT and CBT through the following training program:

Clinical Practice

  • 20 client hours of DBT, CBT, and at least 1 FBT case during their Fellowship year
  • Co-lead a DBT Multi-Family Skills group for a minimum of 6 months

Individual Supervision

  • 2 hour/wk with an assigned supervisor, including 1 hour of tape review 
  • Supervision assignments will rotate after 6 months to give Fellows access to a variety of perspectives and learning

Group Supervision & Didactics 

  • 1.5 hrs/wk DBT Seminar & Supervision
  • 1 hr/ wk Anxiety & OCD Case Conceptualization
  • 1 hr/wk Synthesizing learning and practice
  • 1 hr/wk Treating Eating disorders
  • 1 hr/wk DBT Consult

Additional Training 

  • Each Fellow will complete the online DBT Foundational Training (approximately 40 hours) through Behavioral Teach and Psychwire in the fall/winter
  • Each week, Fellows will meet with the Clinical Director for 30 mins to go over any questions from the training
  • Each Fellow should be able to meet all of the requirements and have the foundations skills and abilities to apply for Individual DBT Certification through the LBC-DBT by the end of the Fellowship year.


The starting salary is $55,000/year, and once licensed increases to $65,000/year

Benefits include full medical and dental coverage, an opportunity for independently administered 401K plan and an employee referral program with a bonus for each referral successfully signed on

Opportunity for promotion to staff-level training position after 1 year if program specific competencies are met. Full time staff positions will increase to $90,000 with monthly bonus if weekly caseload exceeds 20 clinical hours.

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