Dorian Hunter

Clinical Supervisor, Psychologist, She/Her

Dr. Dorian Hunter is a DBT-Linehan Board of CertificationCertified Clinician and licensed clinical psychologist in Washington State, aswell as a member of the clinical faculty in the Department of Psychology at theUniversity of Washington.  She provides continuing education trainings andworkshops on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness andmindfulness-based interventions, alcohol and other substance use disorders, andcognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  She trains and provides consultationto DBT teams with Treatment Implementation Collaborative (TIC), teachingindividual DBT clinicians and DBT teams around the world hoping to implementDBT, increase their treatment fidelity and competence, and improve clinicalskills. She also trains students and fellows within the Greater Seattle DBTTraining Consortium, co-directing the DBT training team. Additionally, sheprovides training and supervision to graduate students via the Marsha M.Linehan DBT clinic housed at the University of Washington in the department ofpsychology.

Dr. Hunter completed her undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, andpost-doctoral training at the University of Washington Behavioral Research andTherapy Clinics (BRTC), under the direction of the DBT treatment developer, Dr.Marsha Linehan. At the BRTC she worked as a research assistant, treatmentcoordinator, research fellow, and study therapist on multiple studies of DBT,including pilot studies and clinical trials focused on development andevaluation of DBT for clients with suicidal behaviors, alcohol and othersubstance use disorders, and in multi-family DBT for adolescents and theirparents.  Dr. Hunter completed her Master and Doctoral degrees at RutgersUniversity, where she was a National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism(NIAAA) fellow throughout her training. Her graduate work focused primarily onlearning and evaluating cognitive behavioral interventions for alcohol andother substance use disorders, particularly through the lens of interpersonalfunctioning.  She additionally completed a clinical post-doctoralfellowship at the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle, with specializedtraining in DBT and interventions for anxiety disorders.  Dr. Hunter haspublished book chapters and articles on DBT and other evidence-basedinterventions and underlying psychological processes related to behaviorchange.

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