Dustin Ducharme

Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychologist, He/Him

Dustin Ducharme, PhD Psychologist, He/Him Dr. Ducharme obtained his doctorate in School Psychology from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Dustin most recently completed a pre-doctoral internship at STAR Academy, a specialized therapeutic school placement for children who require significant social emotional and behavioral support. Dustin is a licensed school psychologist and is in the process of gaining clinical psychology licensure in Washington. Dustin’s research focus is on the development and application of self-determination interventions to support adolescents' ability to form positive relationships, increase their competence in areas of interest, and act autonomously in the pursuit of their goals.

What Dr. Ducharme would like you to know about him:

Over the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of working with youth across a wide variety of clinical counseling, adventure therapy, and school settings. I have worked with children from age 3-21 and specialize in adolescent and young adult populations. Currently, I provide cognitive-behavior oriented counseling support to adolescents seeking relief from anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues related to ADHD and impulse control.

As a practicing school psychologist, I have witnessed the enormous benefit that interdisciplinary collaboration and parent consultation have on client growth at school and home. I work intentionally to involve families, schools, and extracurriculars in client care plans in order to generalize growth outside of the walls of the therapy room. Supporting families and clients understanding of special education and access to school based mental health supports is a particular emphasis of my work. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, trail running, attempting to keep a garden alive, and cooking.

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