Haley Moutier

Senior Therapist, She/Her

Haley Moutier received her Masters in Applied Child and Adolescent Psychology: Treatment and Prevention from the University of Washington and completed her practicum placement at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  At Children’s, Haley worked in the Intensive Outpatient Program for OCD, the Incredible Years parent training program, and the Mood and Anxiety Program (MAP) for children with anxiety. She is experienced in providing evidence-based treatments as: CBT, DBT, DBT-PE for trauma, and Exposure and Response prevention for OCD. Haley is a member of the International OCD Foundation. Prior to joining Cadence, Haley served as a staff supervisor and patient skills trainer on a youth inpatient mental health unit.

What Haley would like you to know about her:

I enjoy working with a variety of ages and see clients aged four through young adulthood. When working with children, I also partner with the child’s family to provide well-rounded and effective care. Not only does this partnership allow me to benefit from parents’ observations, it allows parents to understand and support the treatment plan. As a provider I specialize in treating individuals challenged by OCD, anxiety, trauma, emotional dysregulation, and depression. I also provide parent coaching for parents of both younger children and older teens to help increase parents’ understanding of their child’s experience and add to the parenting tools they can be utilizing to help their child reach their treatment goals.

What's something you'd like clients to know about Cadence?

"Parents come to me feeling frustrated by their kids' emotional outbursts and they often feel stuck. They've read the books, but nothing is working. I want them to know we can help them by teaching skills of how to effectively deliver clear commands and praise, how to effectively build a rewards system and so much more."

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