Liz LoTempio

Clinical Supervisor, Psychologist, She/Her

Dr. Liz LoTempio is a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certifiedclinician, a licensed clinical psychologist in Washington state, and a memberof the clinical faculty in the Department of Psychology at the University ofWashington. Dr. LoTempio has been providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)for 14 years, and is an expert in the treatment of suicidal and self-harmingbehaviors, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, and PTSD. Dr.LoTempio is the founder of DBT Center of Tacoma, and a founder and supervisorfor the Greater Seattle DBT Training Consortium, which provides rigoroustraining to advanced graduate students providing DBT. In addition, Dr. LoTempioprovides training and supervision to psychiatry residents and psychologyfellows at the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry DBT trainingprogram and works with the Treatment Implementation Collaborative (TIC) toprovide training and consultation to DBT teams across the U.S. and Canada whoare working to develop DBT programs or improve their treatment fidelity andcompetence.

Dr. LoTempio completed her undergraduate studies at BostonUniversity, where she was a research assistant in the Center for Anxiety and RelatedDisorders. She completed her graduate studies at the PGSP-Stanford Consortium,where she was part of the Eating Disorders Research Program team at StanfordUniversity School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.Dr. LoTempio completed her pre-doctoral fellowship at Yale University School ofMedicine, specializing in DBT for adults with BPD and/or suicidal behavior, andcompleted her postdoctoral fellowship at the DBT Center at the Evidence BasedTreatment Centers of Seattle. Dr. LoTempio has presented at conferences andpublished on DBT and on treatment for adolescents with eating disorders.

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