Milton Brown

Clinical Director, Psychologist, He/Him

Milton Brown, PhD, is the Clinical Director of Cadence, and trains and supervises Cadence therapists. He is a Certified DBT Therapist and Cadence is a Certified DBT Program, both through the Linehan Board of Certification.

Dr. Brown received intensive DBT training as a student of Marsha Linehan for 10years and is currently an associate professor at Alliant International University, where he trains graduate students in cognitive behavioral therapies, including DBT. He completed his clinical internship at the Veteran Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, where he was trained at the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Brown provides DBT workshops for mental health professionals across the United States. His areas of expertise include personality disorders, suicidality and self-injury, shame and self-hatred, rejection sensitivity, cognitive-behavior therapy, exposure therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. He has appeared on Fox News, Forbes magazine, and Psychology Today.

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